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Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Camping World's Most Extreme

Going camping can mean one thing: fun or relaxing holiday in the countryside. But there is someone who seems to have the idea to stay in between high cliffs. How to get a good night's sleep in high places is often called 'high mountain extreme camping'. Adrenaline lovers all over the world to experience this more into the hobby.

Climbers begin a stay in a high cliff since the 50's. At first they were searching for "rack" mountain that is convenient to replace the bed, and now they are using hanging tent systems called portaledges. The tent is designed specifically for rock climbers who had to spend several days and nights in a high cliff climbing.

Portaledge is hanging tent system designed for rock climbers, who spent several days and nights on the high cliffs and great climbing. A portaledge assembled with fabric-covered platform surrounded by a metal frame that hangs from a single point and has adjustable suspension straps. Surrounding fabric called stormfly, waterproof, extremely stable and robust to provide security climber and a chance to stretch their muscles from tiring climbing session.

This tent like construction to lie down, and while hanging on to anything that can be attached, usually hundreds of feet above the ground. Some people admire the courage of those who go for it, for others feel dizzy, although only seen pictures.

Although rock climbing like this seems harmless, but dozens of similar trips take place in remote locations every year. Depending on the season it can be done anywhere. There are dozens of great climbing trip in the more remote areas, such as the Himalayas, Antarctica and Africa. One of the most popular in the world for extreme camping is Yosemite National Park in California.

Waldseilgarten, a resort in Germany Bavaria offers a variety of unusual camp site, which is positioned between the high cliffs up to 2000m. If climbing the mountain is high enough, one can experience some of the thrill sleeping on the ground.

For many people, a camping trip is enough to make them sweat even before they put up the tent poles. But for the intrepid explorers, scaling cliffs and altitude tent is something that is common.

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