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Sunday, February 17, 2013

How a Good Camping

Become a member of Scout but never camped not complete it, because the application of educational methods Scouting one of them is through camping activities. The purpose and objectives of the activities campers course we already know.

However, much less understand how good camping ordinance. Sometimes even higher risk. Well, how about camping right?

For a good camp, staging that must be taken are:


     Determination of the time, place, purpose and cost.
     Procurement of equipment, review the location.
     Notifications and licensing. (Permit Parents and Local Security)
     Formation Committee.
     Make a schedule of activities / events and preparing for a replacement if the situation and changing weather conditions.
     Strengthen mental readiness, physical and skills.

Activities should be according to plan, implemented by the development of the state and sought a replacement or additional events, as well as the security and safety of participants factors must be considered.

Dismantling the tents, sanitation and checking goods should be conducted in an orderly manner.

Terms choose where camping is:

     The land is flat or slightly sloping grassy.
     There are shade trees.
     There is a draining tract drainage.
     Near water sources.
     Secured, especially the threat of wild animals, reptiles / venomous.
     Not too close to the village and the highway.
     Not too far from markets, health posts, security posts.
     Avoid air into the tent, the tent was set up longitudinally by means of the wind.

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