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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Safe When Camping

ONE nice holiday option is camping, because camping is the right choice for those who are adventurous. But while doing the outdoor activities are some things to watch out for

Here are some things to consider as quoted alltraveltips.com, as quoted Saturday.
Encamped before darkness arrived. Continuing the journey after dark often resulted in many accidents. So take a break and go back in the afternoon.

Check out the possible dangers that lurk. Be sure to avoid broken glass, sharp objects, branches, large ants, bees, poisonous vines, soil and terrain unsafe

Avoid areas with hazards that can occur naturally. Check the contour of the land to keep the possibility of problems due to rain.

Make a campfire at a safe place. The presence of fire and fuel should be placed away from the tent to avoid fire from sparks

Use a stone to keep the flames of a bonfire that is not easily blown off.

Increase your alertness while in the wild. Use lighting at night because a lot of animals for food in the evening. Lighting seemed to foreshadow them to stay away. For animals such as bears, make sure you clean the camping arena.

Avoid insect stings using bright colored clothes and do not use perfume

Be careful with poisonous plants. Make sure you can distinguish the types of plants which can be consumed and are toxic.

Do not drink water directly from the river as clear or clean as it may appear. There was the possibility of contaminated river-borne parasites or microorganisms from the stream. This can lead to serious illness.

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